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      中文版     English
      Talent Strategy

      Talent strategy:
               Kedi Bo regard employees as the company's most valuable asset, willing to attract the best and have the potential talent. We respect knowledge, respect talent, convinced that the individual employee
      Progress and development of enterprises is closely related to. So let businesses and employees have been the best development is our sincere pursuit. Company sees employees as business partners,
      The professionals as the key to successful business resources, emphasis on staff development, the establishment of a more systematic human resources management and development system, so that election, with the
      Yuk, left, lifts, open, fair, just, and to promote employee growth. We sincerely hope all my friends always call letters, or visit our company to understand our most
      New technologies and services with a view to strengthen cooperation and establish friendship. We would like to go hand in hand, create brilliant! Kedi Bo looking forward to your joining! We will provide: rich
      Competitiveness, jobs and treatment, good training opportunities and a broad career development. So that employees work in the happiness in the happiness of life!

      COPYRIGHT QINGDAO KEDIBO ELECTRON TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD   Add: Jinhua Road, Qingdao Sifang District 34
      Tel:0532-83751282 88009056 83731185
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